Elva Reyes

Elva Castilla Reyes is a former Field Services Assistant in the Marketing Department with MESSA, the State of Michigan Education Special Services Association who retired after 30 years of service.  She has held Union positions as a Negotiations Chair and President of the MESSA-SSA Support Staff Union.  She is currently a Trustee for LCLAA, serves as a member of the Civil Rights for Immigrants Task Force of Action of Greater Lansing and is a LLEAD charter member. She has been involved with Lansings Cesar E. Chavez Committee in efforts to rename Grand River Avenue/ Honorary Cesar E.

Alberto Flores

Alberto Flores is a founding member of LLEAD.  Flores served as the Acting Director of the Office of Public Affairs for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

Rudy Reyes

Rudolfo “Rudy” Reyes retired after 37.5 years as a General Motors line worker. He served as a Community Chair for the UAW.

Diana Rivera

Diana Rivera is the head of the Cesar E. Chavez Collection/Coleccíon Cesar E. Chavez at the Michigan State University Libraries. She is a member of the LLEAD State Board and has been a member of several professional library and Chicanx Studies organizations.